Der Harrisburg Maennerchor is a social club located in downtown Harrisburg on North Street, blocks from Pennsylvania’s Capitol complex, Restaurant Row and Riverfront Park.  Founded in 1867, the Maennerchor has been a member of the Harrisburg community for over 150 years, and today is the city’s oldest social club.  At its inception, the club was founded by men of German descent to celebrate their shared cultural heritage.  Today, however, the Maennerchor is made up of men and women of diverse age, heritage, sexual orientation, faith, and interest.  No longer defined by identity, today’s Maennerchor is united by a common interest in friendship, community, and charity.

Members and guests of the Maennerchor enjoy the club’s beer hall, open evenings until 3 a.m. and featuring foreign and domestic draft beers, a weekly selection of premium craft beers and hand crafted cocktails. In the game room located next to the bar, the club features two Diamond pool tables, shuffleboard, several arcade classics, and a variety of dartboards.  Here, the club hosts pool and darts leagues as well as tournaments throughout the year.  The Maennerchor is also a participant in the Pennsylvania Small Games of Chance Program.  Members may join in the fun by purchasing tickets to play small games for a chance to win cash and other prizes.

The proceeds from small games of chance enable the Maennerchor to invest in the community as a charitable organization.  Each year, the Maennerchor and its members donate tens of thousands of dollars to charities and community organizations to support veterans, children with disabilities, the hungry and homeless, the public library system, student athletes, and more.  To go beyond financial support, the Maennerchor and its members also participate in the community hands-on.  The Maennerchor collects care packages for troops stationed overseas and partners with Catholic Charities of Harrisburg to host children of struggling families for an annual celebration with Santa Claus to make sure no child misses out on the magic of Christmas.

Throughout the year, the Maennerchor hosts popular events for its members and guests.  On many Friday nights, the best local and regional musicians bring people together to celebrate the end of the work week.  Perhaps above all, each Spring and Fall, the members of the Maennerchor and their guests come together at the annual DerbyChor and Oktoberfest celebrations in the spring and fall respectively.  These festivals fill the Maennerchor with delicious authentic German food and beer, live bands, and singing at a great low price.

Finally, the Maennerchor facilities are available for rental to the community and include options for bar service and catering at the best value in Harrisburg.  The Cathedral Room, located on the club’s second floor, is a great space for special events and can be configured to host your next special event.

Membership is open to members of the public, but applicants are required to be sponsored by a current member to proceed through the petition process.  For more information on joining, room rentals or other inquiries, please contact the club at Maennerchor@gmail.com.

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